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January 15th, 2019

5 tips for staging your rental property

Whether a landlord is trying to rent out a condo or flat, big or small, there are quite a few ways owners can stage their units to make them more attractive to prospective renters.

You want anyone looking at your suite to visualize themselves in the space, moving in, and putting their own unique touches on things.

One thing many condo dwellers and apartment hunters know is that space costs a premium, so even if your unit is small, you’re going to want to show viewers as much space and breathing room as possible while keeping it functional.

Stand out from the competition

Rental staging makes anyone that comes to view the space think that the landlord really cares about the first impression and wants to stand out from the competition.

Today we’ll go over 5 tips to help you stage your rental property, so you can snag that long-term tenant!

Keep things clean and polished

One of the easiest ways to have prospective renters pull a U-turn and run out of your unit is to present them with a dirty space.

If an old tenant has moved out and left things in a mess, dedicating a couple hours to some good old-fashioned (and affordable!) scrubbing can turn the space right around. If you don’t want to clean it yourself, hire a cleaning team that can do a professional job.

New tenants don’t want to see signs of old ones, nor do they want to pay for a space they have to clean first themselves.

Review the paint job

Has your last tenant royally messed up the nice paint job you left them with?

Touch up any chipped paint and consider putting pops of colour here and there to accent the space and make it stand out from the crowd. Remember not to go too overboard here as your tenants will still want to personalize the space in their own ways.


Now, you might want to rent some furniture here or bring in some of your own for the staging process. Even though the furniture likely won’t be included in the rental, it’s still necessary to stage things in a way that will appeal to a large number of people. Make sure each space is defined, so renters are not confused. 

If you know the bedroom can fit a queen-sized bed comfortably, try to have one in there. Have your storage spaces accessible so tenants can see, and make sure the entire unit is free of clutter.

Spaciousness is graciousness, as they always say.

Add details to stand out

Believe it or not, people love a vase of fresh flowers and some fresh towels in the bathroom. Have some table settings placed on the kitchen table, light some scented candles, and make an effort to create a space that's warm and inviting. 

If you can make an affordable space seem luxurious, you’re steps ahead of other landlords. Viewers will value your unit above another one at the price point.