We are a team of real estate professionals who work with landlords in the GTA to find renters, and provide property management and contractual documentation services.

Dedicated full-time staff available to answer any questions you have

Listings, tenant screening, lease agreements and dispute resolution

Fiduciary duties, legal documentation and property maintenance services

50+ years' experience buying, selling and managing properties in Toronto

We'll help you make the most from your rental property

With over 50 years' experience buying, selling and managing properties in Toronto, we know what it takes to maximize the value of a rental. From determining market value to avoiding gaps in tenancy to ensuring your lease protects you in case of disputes, we understand where the financial risks and opportunities lie in the city's rental market.

As a one-stop shop for property management and tenant acquisition services, our approach is defined by our commitment to unwavering fiduciary responsibility. Our focus, without exception, is to provide a high-level of service in each area of the rental market that determines the value of your property. Whether that means making physical improvements, suggesting the optimal rental price or eliminating gaps in occupancy, our dedicated staff will make sure your unit is as profitable to you as it can be.

It is our philosophy to operate with complete transparency. If there's anything you need, we'll provide it. If there's a question you have, we'll answer it. It's this approach that has allowed us to establish so many ongoing relationships with clients, and to receive such a large portion of new clients from personal referrals.

Once you get in touch with our dedicated, knowledgeable team, you'll understand the difference we can make to the value of your rental property. Because whether you have one unit or 5,000, it never makes sense to earn less than your property is worth.